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A New Los Angeles Church
We are an independent, non-denominational fellowship. Our desire is to be a Los Angeles church where Christians from a diversity of backgrounds worship freely together. We have laid aside the differences of our backgrounds to unite through the love of Jesus Christ, and to serve together to help build His Kingdom. We seek to be a "new church like the first church" as established in Acts chapter two of the Bible.

We welcome people of every age and race. Our worship and programming are multisensory and we encourage our participants to respond. We seek to incorporate Los Angeles' many musicians, artists, actors, singers, and dancers. We are a multi-generational church that contextualizes without compromising the message of Christ. We are a ministry that ministers to all people, including the corporate, scholastic, and artistic communities.

Because Los Angeles is a city whose influence spans the entire world, we seek to have a global impact. We host small groups in Culver City, Los Angeles, Playa Vista, and Westchester. We are a church that regularly calls upon and looks for God to show up. If you do not have a church home and have been considering Culver City churches, Playa Vista Churches, or Los Angeles Churches, we invite you to come and participate in Christ-centered worship this Sunday.

About Our Beginning

After just 6 months of preparation in Los Angeles, Playa Christian Church launched on Easter Sunday 2006 with a core group of 30 people. Since its beginning, the church has conducted many community small groups, been involved in countless humanitarian efforts with other community non-profit organizations, and conducted a community wide soccer camp for kids in the area! Church planter and Pastor, Terry Sweany, shared his thoughts about the ministry:

Thanks to our outstanding launch team, we started with every ministry staffed with a leader, as well as other volunteers. The first message was on the mission of the church; that church isn’t about attending, it is about belonging. With relationships being our emphasis, I am thrilled that we have already facilitated so many small groups throughout our area. Each of the groups is started with a new subject to explore and they are ready to receive new people right now.

We have started as a high commitment church from day one. We have a new Starting Point class every other month. We hold baptismal services just as often. When we advertised online with other Los Angeles churches and other Culver City chuches, we didn’t advertise coffee and music, we advertised belonging, authenticity, choices and loving the community. As I have shared often, “We are not here to take, we are here to give back, to express love to community.”

A Testimony

After receiving a postcard in the mail from Playa Christian Church, and after visiting other Culver City churches and Los Angeles churches I decided to give PCC a try. The meeting place was close and conveniently located. PCC members welcomed me and my son in a warm and friendly environment. The atmosphere was comfortable and casual, but most importantly Pastor Terry communicated in a clear, understandable way.

After attending a few more Sunday services, I decided that Playa Christian Church would be our new church home. I visited many other Culver City churches and Los Angeles churches, but none made me feel as welcomed as PCC.

Pastor Terry has made himself available to us beyond the duties of just being our pastor. He has also become our friend. He and his family have opened their home for social gatherings and homemade dinners.

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Playa Christian Church seeks to expand God's Kingdom alongside all Los Angeles churches, Culver City Churches and Playa Vista churches.

Casual, Christ-centered, and friendly. Meets at 10:30 am in the auditorium of the Playa Del Rey Elementary School. Children's Progams are offered during the service.
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